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legendary fight


legendary fight (lfight) is a product of study of the game "final fantasy legend" (ffl). lfight attempts to recreate ffl combat as it really is, and also, as it arguably should have been.

lfight includes all the characters and abilities from ffl, and introduces many from other games. you can create your own characters and abilities. test your skills in "arena" mode, or design your own arena for others to challenge.

someday, the project will expand beyond combat to simulate ffl as a whole.

download lfight from the download page.


version history

  • ffl2-based arena added
  • various minor adjustments and fixes
  • various new settings and features for ffl2 support
  • und so weite
  • some editing functions added
  • minor additions
  • first release as lfight
  • entirely rewritten
  • sound and animations still missing