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on scale

in this write-up, i'm treating basic punch damage as 1. fractional calculations cut off after 2dp (eg, 1.5 * 2.25 works out as 3.37); so it might be better to think of basic punch damage as 100, and scale everything up accordingly.

enemy/hazard damage

damage modifiers

player attacks

base values

all six machine attacks have the same base value... i think. in this write-up i'm assuming this is 1, the same as the basic punch and kick, but there's an equally good case for it being 2. more on this later.

damage modifiers

damage modifiers apply to indirect attacks too. deflect a bullet and zoom in before it hits for increased damage.

indirect attacks

this is the damage taken by rank and file enemies. bosses usually take different levels of damage (detailed below.)

enemy energy

these values are for adults difficulty. also, except for bosses and a few others, energy levels vary; these are just typical values.

enemy energy notes
bianky 9
bianky-prima 12
bianky-boxer 16
bianky-sailor 12
diver bianky 14
diver bianky-prima 18
diver bianky-boxer 24
apollo bianky 18
apollo bianky-prima 24
apollo bianky-boxer 32
verdy-chopper 14 double damage when grounded
verdy-jet 18 double damage when grounded
cromarty 23 less on stage 7?
cromarty-bazooka 23 less on stage 7?
cromarty-grenade 23 less on stage 7?
cromarty-surfer 12 high damage from deflected bazooka?
bianco billy 20 doesn't vary?
rosetta 12 vfx modifiers
red leader 40 double damage if you attack while successfully dodging
black leader 40? double damage if you attack while successfully dodging
gelby 30 doesn't vary?
joker (1/1) 20
joker (2/1) 30
joker (2/2) 40
joker (3/2) 40
joker (5/1) 50
joker (7/2) 60
captain blue (1/1) (10) vfx modifiers
captain blue (1/2) (30) vfx modifiers
captain blue (2/1) (60) vfx modifiers
captain blue (7/3) (60) vfx modifiers
black thunder (200) special damage
harrier (3/1) (300) special damage
harrier (5/1) (300) special damage
tank (1500) special damage
space tank (1500) special damage
charles the third (100) special damage
hulk davidson (300) special damage
gran bruce (500) special damage
another joe (266.67) special damage
alastor (200) special damage
raging stones/charles (400) special damage
raging stones/hulk (500) special damage
raging stones/gran (700) special damage
raging stones/joe (333.33) special damage
fire leo (600) special damage
metal leo (400) special damage
king blue (600) special damage

boss energy interpretation

okay, here's the thing. the slow zoomed rapid punch normally does 6.74 (or possibly 6.75? depending how it's calculated); but most bosses take instead 6.6 or 6 from it. what i think is happening is: with a boss like black thunder, which takes 100 plain hits per colour bar, the bar isn't actually worth 100. instead, it's worth 10, but black thunder has a global damage modifier of *0.1. then, the rapid punch base value of 2.25 is modified to 0.22 (truncating after 2dp), then multiplied up for slow and zoom to get 0.66 damage. and 0.66 damage to a bar of 10 looks the same as 6.6 would to a bar of 100. in other words, i'm suggesting the following:

enemy energy bars face-value damage per bar face-value energy global modifier real energy
captain blue (1/1) 0.5 20 10 *0.5 5
captain blue (1/2) 1.5 20 30 *0.5 15
captain blue (2/1) 3 20 60 *0.5 30
captain blue (7/3) 3 20 60 *0.5 30
black thunder 2 100 200 *0.1 20
harrier (3/1) 6 50 300 *0.2 60
harrier (5/1) 3 100 300 *0.1 30
tank 3 500 1500 *0.02 30
space tank - - 1500 *0.02 30
charles the third 1 100 100 *0.1 10
hulk davidson 3 100 300 *0.1 30
gran bruce 5 100 500 *0.1 50
another joe 4 66.66... 266.67 *0.15 40
alastor 6 33.33... 200 *0.3 60
raging stones/charles 4 100 400 *0.1 40
raging stones/hulk 5 100 500 *0.1 50
raging stones/gran 7 100 700 *0.1 70
raging stones/joe 5 66.66... 333.33 *0.15 50
fire leo 6 100 (equivalent) 600 *0.1 60
metal leo - - 400 *0.1 40
king blue 6 100 (equivalent) 600 *0.1 60

six machine interpretation

if six machine damage is 1, the same as the basic punch/kick, then: verdy-jet works out the same in 3/1 as elsewhere; harrier's face-value energy is the same on 3/1 as 5/1; but, cromarty-surfer works out to about half the energy cromarties have elsewhere.

if six machine damage is 2, cromarty-surfer's energy works out the same as cromarties elsewhere; and harrier's damage scale works out the same as on 5/1. (because on 3/1, 50 shots per colour bar, but on 5/1, 100 punches per colour bar.) but against that, verdy-jet works out with twice the energy it has elsewhere, and the harrier ends up with twice the energy they have on 5/1. (but then, it has twice as many colour bars, so it kind of seems like it should do. this is the point about the scale.)

so, i don't really know which way to call it. both ways have their disadvantages and there's no way to know for sure.

difficulty level modifiers

special damage

vfx modifiers

a few enemies take nonstandard damage under vfx. i'm not certain of every single entry in this table.

enemy slow only speed only zoom only slow + zoom speed + zoom
captain blue (1/1) *2 *2 *2 *2 *2
captain blue (1/2) *2 *2 *2 *2 *2
captain blue (2/1) *1.6 *0.8 *1.6 *1.6 *0.8
captain blue (7/3) *0.8 *0.4 *0.2 *0.2 *0.4
rosetta *0.8 *0.6 *0.8 *0.8 *0.6

other damage and modifiers

captain blue
  • breaking his aura with a slow attack does a tiny amount of damage. 0.2%? (equivalent of 0.04 plain hits)
joker (5/1)
  • on v-rated difficulty, lava drips from the pipes. a slow-motion-enlarged drip can hit joker, but it only does something like 1 damage.
black thunder, harrier (5/1)
  • deflected bullets do 15% of bar (equivalent to 15 plain hits)
  • deflected missiles do 5% of bar
  • bianky collisions do 30% of bar
harrier (3/1)
  • deflected bullets do 2% of bar... i think. (equivalent to 1 normal shot)
  • deflected missiles do 4% of bar.
tank, space tank
  • deflected shells do 20% of bar (equivalent to 100 plain hits). i think i've also seen them do 50% of the bar, but i might have imagined it.
  • bianky collisions do 30% of bar.
charles the third
  • falling weights and launched stalagmites do 5% of bar (equivalent to 5 plain hits)
  • destroying bats, either conventionally or with his sonic slicer, does 1% per bat... maybe.
  • voomerang/round trip does 5* normal damage.
  • during his drill attack, voomerang/round trip does 2* damage (so 10* overall); other attacks do 5* normal damage.
hulk davidson
  • it's hard to keep count, but i think deflected homing missiles just do 2%, equivalent to 2 plain hits, the same as normal enemies take.
gran bruce
  • while underwater, he gradually recovers energy.
  • he can recover more energy by breathing deeply underwater.
  • when out of water, he takes 2* normal damage.
  • when breathless (after shark attack finishes out of water), and only if also in slow motion, he takes an additional 2* damage. (so a slow attack vs breathless delivers *2 (slow), *2 (out of water), *2 (breathless-and-slow) = 8 times normal damage.)
  • if hit with a mine in his jaws, he takes 10* damage from that hit (plus explosive damage which i haven't measured.)
  • when breathing deeply underwater... he usually seems to take normal damage, but i'm pretty sure i saw stylish alastor doing double damage in this situation. not sure about this.
another joe
  • destroying a mach image inflicts... some damage. i think it might be variable but is about the same as a plain hit. this damage can't kill him.
  • he also takes damage if he falls into electricity, but i'm not sure how much.
  • a deflected sword does something like 5% of the bar, equivalent to about 1.5 plain hits.
  • falling into lava does about 20% of the bar. he also takes damage if he's set on fire and left to burn for long enough, but again i haven't worked this out for sure.
raging stones
  • same as their originals.
fire leo
  • okay, this gets a bit complicated, because the way i'm interpreting it, at no point does he just take normal (1*) damage. so i may have made the wrong call about his face-value energy above. anyway.
  • first, you hit him to extinguish his flames. this does 5* expected normal damage, where "normal" means a plain hit doing 1% of the bar.
  • after breaking his shield, you can hit him once or twice before he starts to spin. attacks while he's shieldless and while he's spinning do 0.5* normal damage.
  • then, after dodging spinning attacks, he's dizzy. plain attacks do double normal damage, as usual; but if you're in slow motion there's an added modifier of *1.5. so, while he's dizzy, plain hits do 2%, while slow hits do 6%. (plus any additional modifiers for zoom, rapid attack etc.)
metal leo
  • shieldless attacks (before he starts to spin) do 10* normal damage.
  • here, i'm considering "normal" damage to be what he takes while spinning, since when dizzy, he takes twice this "normal" damage.
  • slow motion attacks while he's dizzy get an additional modifier of *3. (so a dizzy slow hit is 1 * dizzy * slow * this = 12.)
king blue
  • damage here is mostly normal, except that he takes 3* damage if no vfx powers are in effect.
  • or, perhaps i should read it as him taking normal damage from plain, and *0.33... modifier on all vfx powers? but recurring decimals aren't a good thing to bring into the picture.

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