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ffl monster transformations


each regular monster in ffl has a "meat level", representing the potency of that monster's meat, and a "target level", representing the level required to become that monster. (in previous versions of this document i assumed these two levels were the same, but that didn't work very well - there are too many exceptions.)

in this document the levels are listed as single hex characters: low 0123456789ABCDEF high.

monsters are grouped into "families" - each family shares a picture. check table 2 if in doubt.


  1. take the families of the monster eating the meat ("eater") and the monster whose meat it is ("meat"). use these to look up the "result family" in the first table. (--- signifies that no transformation will occur.)
  2. consult the second table, and take whichever of the two monsters' meat levels is higher. this is the "result level".
  3. find, in the second table, the row for the result family.
  4. check the target levels for this family. the eater will become the monster whose target level is equal to the result level, or failing that, the nearest level below the result level.
table 1: group lookup
meat ins
fsh eye
gol chi
insect ins --- --- brd snk skl wrm inm liz slm eye rhi
fish fsh inm --- tgr liz wrm bdm oni rhi oct skl ---
eye eye dvl oct --- --- bdm wfm fsh snk ins slm crb
slime slm brd ins --- fsh gst snk --- zom wrm plt ins
snake snk rhi liz --- --- slm zom wrm fsh wfm gol gst
worm wrm snk fsh inm --- fsh oni ins slm zom oct tgr
ghost gst skl wfm oni ins --- brd slm inm rhi liz zom
snakewoman snw oct dvl crb --- plt gol chi eye skl --- gol
birdman bdm slm brd wrm zom snk --- tgr dvl --- inm fsh
tiger tgr fsh --- slm gst zom liz --- wfm brd oni snk
lizard liz wfm rhi ins tgr brd --- skl --- crb chi oni
plant plt eye gst bdm crb dvl fsh oct crb --- ins chi
skeleton skl --- inm zom wfm --- ins brd oni snk crb liz
wolfman wfm zom skl gst oni rhi tgr --- --- liz wrm inm
crab crb --- bdm oct dvl tgr skl rhi wrm inm --- eye
insectman inm --- oni --- slm wfm rhi zom ins bdm dvl brd
octopus oct wrm slm fsh eye crb inm dvl tgr --- zom bdm
zombie zom oni wrm liz inm --- slm gst skl fsh tgr wfm
golem gol chi plt eye bdm --- snw crb snw gst --- oct
devil dvl tgr zom snk skl ins --- bdm gst --- brd wrm
rhino rhi liz tgr skl brd inm --- wfm --- oni snk slm
chimera chi plt crb oct oct eye plt snk bdm tgr --- ---
dragon dgn bdm eye snw gol chi crb plt oct snw rhi ---
bird brd ins snk rhi wrm oni gst liz --- dvl bdm ---
oni oni gst --- wfm rhi liz dvl --- brd eye snw skl
fiends 1 crb chi gol snw dgn dgn eye dgn chi wfm oct
fiends 2 dgn snw chi dgn oct eye gol plt gol gst dvl
fiends 3 gol dgn plt chi snw eye snw gol plt dgn dgn
fiends 4 snw gol dgn plt gol oct dgn chi dgn fsh snw

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table 2: meat levels
family members meat levels target levels
insectman inm fly drgonfly hornet mosquito cicada mantis 0245CE 0135BE
fish fsh barracud piranha shark gunfish elec eel leviathn 1258CE 0147BE
plant plt cactus p-flower garlic thorn f-flower darkrose 3468CE 0357BE
insect ins clipper beetle ant lion atom ant scorpion scarab 0678CE 0578BE
crab crb shrimp atomcrab crab ice crab kingcrab dagon 3478CE 0368BE
tiger tgr wolf jaguar sabercat snowcat blackcat fenswolf 1369CE 0258BE
rhino rhi redbull rhino triceras behemoth baku ganesha 0379CE 0268BE
birdman bdm condor raven harpy ten-gu garuda nike 2469CE 0358BE
snake snk snake serpent anaconda hydra ko-run jorgandr 1469CE 0358BE
octopus oct octopus clam amoeba ammonite squid kraken 3579CE 0468BE
worm wrm worm p-worm crawler lavaworm sandworm gigaworm 1679CE 0578BE
lizard liz lizard p-frog gecko dinosaur salamand basilisk 012ACE 0129BE
wolfman wfm wererat werewolf catwoman minotaur rakshasa anubis 035ACE 0249BE
oni oni goblin oni ogre giant titan susano-o 017ADE 0169CE
chimera chi griffin mantcore chimera nue sphinx ki-rin 358ADE 0479CE
eye eye big eye gazer seeker watcher evil eye beholder 368BDE 057ACE
skeleton skl skeleton red bone dokuro warrior boneking lich 039BDE 028ACE
slime slm slime jelly tororo gummy pudding hi-slime 179BDE 068ACE
devil dvl gargoyle imp demon demolord demoking athtalot 26ABDE 059BCE
snakewoman snw medusa siren lamia naga scylla lilith 45ABDE 049BCE
zombie zom zombie ghoul mou-jya wight ghast revnant 028BDE 017ACE
ghost gst o-bake phantom buruburu wraith spector ghost 128BDE 017ACE
golem gol woodman clayman stoneman ironman fireman mazin 478BDE 068ACE
bird brd albatros eagle thunder cocatris rock phoenix 059BDE 048ACE
dragon dgn dragon 1 dragon 2 dragon 3 dragon 4 dragon 5 tiamat 679BDE 068ACE
fiends gen-bu sei-ryu byak-ko su-zaku 258C--
fiends2 gen-bu2 sei-ryu2 byak-ko2 su-zaku2 EEEE--

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